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Boxing Workout

Get ready for a new type of fitness class.

Total body boxing workout will challenge you to go to the next level. Amp up your routine with a boxing
workout led by professional trainers. They’ll teach you what you need to know and keep you moving for
an intense one-hour boxing workout. Be prepared for a fun, explosive workout that targets all the major
muscle groups during your cardio training.

Boxing Workout for All Levels

You don’t have to be a pro boxer to have a successful workout at TITLE Boxing Club Jacksonville - San Pablo. Get the results you want with our boxing workout, no matter what your fitness level is. We’re here to help you make progress. That’s why our trainers focus individual attention on each member. Step up for a new and exciting fitness class!

Boxing Workout to Reach Your Fitness Goals

We believe in the results of our boxing workout because we see members reaching their goals every day. Whether you want to lose weight, tone your body or be more active, we can help you set and achieve your fitness goals. Come to class ready to work for it and we’ll help you reach success with every jab and hook.

Boxing Workout with Real Life Benefits

Get ready to see real benefits in all areas of your life. You’ll see more changes in your daily life than you could imagine. Our unique boxing workouts not only improve your fitness, but they have the power to boost your confidence. Every class uses a variety of exercises, active rest periods, toning and sculpting sessions to give you noticeable results. With each one hour boxing class, you’ll have more energy, better stamina and increased confidence.

*Requires hand wraps and gloves.

Explosive boxing workouts where you can burn up to 1,000 calories* per hour.

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